Introduction to Programming Languages

Introduction to Programming Languages by Arvind Kumar Bansal Download Free pdf ebook

In programming courses, using the different
syntax of multiple languages, such as C++, Java, PHP, and Python, for
the same abstraction often confuses students new to computer science. Introduction to Programming Languages
separates programming language concepts from the restraints of multiple
language syntax by discussing the concepts at an abstract level.
for a one-semester undergraduate course, this classroom-tested book
teaches the principles of programming language design and
implementation. It presents:

  • Common features of programming languages at an abstract level rather than a comparative level
  • The
    implementation model and behavior of programming paradigms at abstract
    levels so that students understand the power and limitations of
    programming paradigms
  • Language constructs at a paradigm level
  • A holistic view of programming language design and behavior

make the book self-contained, the author introduces the necessary
concepts of data structures and discrete structures from the perspective
of programming language theory. The text covers classical topics, such
as syntax and semantics, imperative programming, program structures,
information exchange between subprograms, object-oriented programming,
logic programming, and functional programming. It also explores newer
topics, including dependency analysis, communicating sequential
processes, concurrent programming constructs, web and multimedia
programming, event-based programming, agent-based programming,
synchronous languages, high-productivity programming on massive parallel
computers, models for mobile computing, and much more. Along with
problems and further reading in each chapter, the book includes in-depth
examples and case studies using various languages that help students
understand syntax in practical contexts.

Introduction to Programming Languages by Arvind Kumar Bansal Download Free pdf ebook

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