Handwriting Analysis Download Free Pdf Ebook

Handwriting Analysis Download Free Pdf Ebook

 Handwriting Analysis Download Free Pdf Ebook

Here is a fresh new approach to
Handwriting Analysis to help you develop a view of the whole person, not
just a piecemeal understanding. It offers exciting features not found
in conventional books on Graphology.

The word “graphology” is a combination of the Greek word grapheirt, which means “to write,” and the suffix “ology,” a branch of scientific study. Graphology, then, is the study of writing based on a growing body of knowledge which is constantly being tested in practical use. Since it is a continuing and growing body of knowledge, and not a codified system like basic arithmetic, the student should not be alarmed to find varying, sometimes conflicting interpretations assigned to a stroke or shape. It is possible to understand writing character using different approaches to the specific origins, just as the medical and psychological fields get results even when starting from different positions. And like medicine, graphology is also an art of combining and synthesizing information that requires training and judgment in its application. 

This book gives the most widely accepted and most practical basic elements of graphology and their meanings. At the end of the book, you will find tips and guidelines for doing your own analysis.

Handwriting Analysis Download Free Pdf Ebook below:

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