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Ray Lischner, “Exploring C++ 11, 2nd edition”
English | ISBN: 1430261935 | 2014 | 656 pages | PDF | 4 MB
C++ divides C++ up into bite-sized chunks that will help you learn the
language one step at a time. Assuming no familiarity with C++, or any
other C-based language, you’€™ll be taught everything you need to know
in a logical progression of small lessons that you can work through as
quickly or as slowly as you need.

C++ can be a complicated
language. Writing even the most straight-forward of programs requires
you to understand many disparate aspects of the language and how they
interact with one another. C++ doesn’€™t lend itself to neat
compartmentalization the way other languages do. Rather than baffle you
with complex chapters explaining functions, classes and statements in
isolation we’ll focus on teaching you how to achieve results. By
learning a little bit of this and a little of that you’€™ll soon have
amassed enough knowledge to be writing non-trivial programs and will
have built a solid foundation of experience that puts those previously
baffling concepts into context.

In this fully-revised second
edition of Exploring C++, you’€™ll learn how to use the standard library
early in the book. Next, you’€™ll learn to work with operators, objects
and data-sources in increasingly realistic situations. Finally,
you’€™ll start putting the pieces together to create sophisticated
programs of your own design confident that you’€™ve built a firm base of
experience from which to grow.

What you’ll learn

Learn how to use C++ from first principles in a practical hands-on way.
Understand how to use Custom types, virtual functions and objects to structure your code
Build your own function templates, namespaces and containers from the ground up.
everything together to create sophisticated programs that work with
pointers, dynamic memory and overloaded functions to achieve the results
you want.

Who this book is for

Read this book if you
want to learn C++ and have a basic understanding of how computer
programs work. You don’t need to know a C-based language before you
start, but a basic understanding of how programs are structured is

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