Download Lynda – C/C++ Essential Training Video Tutorials

Download Lynda – C/C++ Essential Training Video Tutorials for Free

Download Lynda-C-plus-plus-Essential-Training-Video-Tutorials
Download Lynda – C/C++ Essential Training Video Tutorials

Widely used for both systems and applications development, the C and
C++ programming languages are available for virtually every operating
system and are often the best choice for performance-critical
applications. In this course, Bill Weinman dissects the anatomy of C and
C++, from variables to functions and loops, and explores both the C
Standard Library and the C++ Standard Template Library. Features
introduced in the C++11 standard (ratified in 2011) are also discussed.

This course serves both as an end-to-end tutorial for those new to the
language and a solid reference for experienced C/C++ programmers.

Topics include:

  • Setting up a development environment on Mac, Windows, or Linux
  • Understanding the development cycle
  • Writing statements and expressions
  • Declaring variables and functions
  • Working with arrays and strings
  • Comparing with conditionals
  • Including files and executing macros with the C preprocessor
  • Working with different data types
  • Using operators to perform basic arithmetic and more complicated functions
  • Understanding inheritance
  • C++ template programming
  • Handling system errors and exceptions
  • Using C++ STL containers
  • Using C++11 type inference, Lambda functions, and more
Download Lynda-C-plus-plus-Essential-Training-Video-Tutorials
Download Lynda-C-plus-plus-Essential-Training-Video-Tutorials

00. Introduction

01. Language Overview

02. Getting Started

03. The C Programming Language

04. The C Preprocessor

05. Data Types

06. Operators

07. Defining Functions

09. Inheritance

10. Templates

11. Standard Library

12. Standard Template Library

13. The Latest Standard C++11

14. Conclusion

Exercise Files

Download Lynda-C-plus-plus-Essential-Training-Video-Tutorials
Download Lynda-C-plus-plus-Essential-Training-Video-Tutorials

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