Download Free SEO – From Beginner to Boffin Ebook pdf

Download Free Ebook pdf SEO – From Beginner to Boffin 



The Author would like to remind everyone that
Google is a piece of software that can’t read, can’t determine the web
users lifestyle and certainly can’t dance. This book (hopefully) blows
apart the myths and legends that are ‘supported’ by so-called SEO
Experts in order to preserve their own overpriced and overvalued
efforts. Please do not be put off by the fact that the author has a
Physics degree and can code in over ten computer languages. He has made a
valiant effort to ‘start at the beginning’ so that everyone who owns a
website will know, by the end of the book, how, what and when as regards
changing the parts of their site that Google likes best.


  1. Introduction
    1. Search Engine Optimisation IS a Science
    2. About the Author
    3. Google isn’t that Bright
  2. SEO Theories and Practice
    1. Keyword and Competitor Research
    2. Content Remains King
    3. Tagging Up
    4. Site Maps
    5. Linking
    6. Split-testing and Measuring
    7. Best Practice
  3. Technical SEO and Workflow
    1. Content
    2. Page Titles and Metas
    3. Title Tags
    4. Site Maps
    5. Links
    6. Coding Validation
    7. Alt-tags
    8. Conversions
    9. Dynamic Websites
  4. Platform Specific
    1. Joomla
    2. WordPress
    3. Drupal
    4. Magento
    5. Others 


Download Free ebook pdf SEO – From Beginner to Boffin:

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