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A successful website
is the culmination of many different pieces, many of which are
the responsibility of the paying client; key responsibilities such as
product images, social networking and regular blog updates (not to forget the
dayto-day responsibilities including customer order management, customer
service and
stock control, to name a few).
Even with the right pieces firmly in place there’s still a stack of work in
people to visit a new website. ‘Build it and they shall come’ does not always
apply; in
fact, it’s the exception rather than the rule.
The following chapters will illustrate ways to drive traffic to your website,
and share
ideas on how to build awareness in the weeks leading up to your site’s launch.
still, it will provide the basis on which you can drive quality traffic to your
website, and convert that traffic into sales, enquiries or whatever goal is to
achieved in order for your website to be considered a success.

Here’s what you’ll learn to do from this ebook:

  • Build awareness prior to your website launch 
  • Setup and maintain Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts 
  • Learn about the wide-reaching benefits of Google+ Local 
  • Create pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns on Google 
  • Build email subscribers for targeted newsletter campaigns 
  • Establish your website as the authority in its field 
  • Monitor your site’s success using Google Analytics

 Download How to drive traffic to your New Website free ebook

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