Download C++ Video Tutorials in Urdu,Hindi [Part 3]

Download C++ Video Tutorials in Urdu,Hindi [Part 3]

Download-C-plus-plus-Video-Tutorials-in Urdu-Hindi-for-free-part-3
Download-C-plus-plus-Video-Tutorials-in Urdu-Hindi-for-free-part-3


C++ is a programming language
which is used to create games, PC software, desktop applications and
much more. It is an object oriented programming language. C++ is
basically the advance version of C Language. There are many other
languages are also used for computer programming such as Go, Java,
Python, Peril. What does a programming language do? You can make an
algorithm by using a Programming language like C++. Here is  course
of C++ in Urdu language. 

How to learn Programming in Urdu?

Now a days C++ is a widely used
programming language in the computer world. You can learn this course by
watching video tutorials below in Urdu language. Also you can learn
Java and Python for getting more expertise in Programming.

There are total 35 lectures in this course. Lectures about Object Oriented Programming in C++ are also included. 

Download C++ Video Tutorials in Urdu,Hindi [Part 3]

  •  Download C++ language lectures in Urdu,Hindi by clicking on these blue buttons.


25. Recursion

26. Structures

27. Nested Structures

28. Structure Assignments

29. Arrays of Structure

30. Various Programming Paradigms

31. Object Oriented Programming

32. Classes

33. Class Method Defintion

34. Memory Allocation of Objects

35. Array of Objects

36. Objects as function Arguments


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